Freelance Advisor is five years old!


Five years ago today Freelance Advisor was born! Established by entrepreneur and lover of all things freelance Darren Fell, we’ve since grown from those humble beginnings, with just a handful of visitors, to one of the biggest freelancing sites in the UK with over 100,000 enthusiastic readers every month. We’ve grown to such a size that we even have a staff now; myself on editing duty, and contributors Mark, Josh, Rachel and Lesley.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our parent company Crunch, and their belief that a site set up to genuinely help people through engaging and insightful content does, in fact, make good business sense.

We’ve got exciting things planned for the next year, including more in-depth guides on various aspects of freelancing, plus all our usual news and topical content.

Thanks to everyone who reads Freelance Advisor – it’s a pleasure to have such a smart, engaged and loyal audience.

Photo by Aih

  • timothytim

    Many happy returns! Seems like only yesterday…

  • pablolarah

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Geoff

    Happy birthday! Keep up the good work!