Last minute reminder – National Freelancers Day party TONIGHT!


National Freelancers Day partyAs you probably know, we’re throwing a big party in Brighton tonight to celebrate National Freelancers Day. If you didn’t know, you do now (and what have you been doing with yourself? Pay attention, for gods sake!).

The event is taking place at The Terraces from 7pm (map here) until late, and will be stocked with nibbles and booze generously paid for by our parents company Crunch and the PCG. We’re almost at capacity, but there are still a few more places left, so come along and say hi!

Also in attendance will be Wired Sussex, the Farm, and plenty of vital, thrusting freelancers from the surrounding area.

We hope to see you there, and a very happy National Freelancers Day to all who can’t make it – and don’t forget to use the #NFD23Nov hashtag on Twitter!

Photo by Karen BlahaCC

  • Ruth

    Ah if only I’d known about this sooner (not sure where I’ve been) I might’ve been able to organise myself to come down from London. Next year, for sure. Have a good one all.