National Freelancers Day cometh


National Freelancers DayIt is less than 8 weeks to go until National Freelancers Day, which takes place for the third year running on the 23rd November 2011, and if the promoters of the event are to be believed it is set to be the best one yet!

Started in 2009 by the PCG, who represent the needs of freelance workers at the highest levels, National Freelancers Day aims to raise the profile of freelancers in the UK and shed light on the increasingly prominent and important role freelancers and contractors play in all sectors of business.

Last year the theme of the day and its surrounding campaign was ‘Freeing up potential’, with emphasis on the lifestyle choice freelancing provides and the growing contribution that freelancers make to the UK economy. The campaign successfully reached over 1 million people and gained recognition from the Prime Minister in this letter.

This year the campaign builds upon Prime Minister David Cameron’s endorsement of freelance working and sets out to prove how freelance work increases efficiency and productivity, and how freelancing has helped in the UK’s economic recovery as well as helping small businesses to grow.

The key goals for this year’s National Freelancers Day are:

  • To highlight this flexible, agile and expert community to UK businesses, educating on how to engage and work with freelancers to help beat the credit crunch
  • Celebrate Freelancing as a valid career choice, highlighting the community and support network
  • Gain support of Ministers and reinforce that to unlock the full potential of freelancing, Government must recognise that freelancers are in business and entitled to clear and fair taxation laws (best of luck with that one!)


Various events will take place for freelancers across all sectors, including a freelance lecture on 23rd November, a cross sector poll of the top 50 freelancers in the UK and research undertaken by the PCG.

The research is the most extensive ever carried out by the PCG and aims to find out “is freelancing a more efficient and productive way of working” as well as demonstrating the size and value of the freelance sector to the UK economy.

The PCG will be calling on its members and the broader community to talk about what it means to be a freelancer and to spread the word through as many channels as possible. The aim of doing this is to educate the country about all aspects of freelancing and provide advice on hiring freelancers, going freelance and on how to make a success of freelancing.

John Brazier, Managing Director of the PCG (who we interviewed in our last podcast) commented:

“Our priority is to build on the success of our previous events. This means in one aspect continuing the celebration of the amazing work of the 1.4 million freelancers in the UK, but on the other we are calling on businesses, agencies and associations across all sectors in the UK to help define and prove that Freelancing is the X Factor of UK industry. Together we can ensure freelancing gets the recognition it deserves.”

If you would like to know more about National Freelancers Day or would like to get involved you can email:

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