Make a standNowadays with many of us relying on our portable friends as our main computer, the laptop has thrown up a new set of ergonomic challenges. Over the last 5 years, Posture People has seen the number of people suffering with problems caused by laptops increase dramatically.

The laptop. A useful tool for portable working or an ergonomic time bomb?

By its very design the laptop is disastrous for the back, particularly if you use it as it’s meant to be used on a table hunched over the keyboard peering at the screen. At the end of the day you straighten up and wonder why you’ve got backache or neck ache.

So, as a general rule of thumb, if you are using a laptop in one place all day, get an ergonomic laptop stand, keyboard and a mouse. Use the laptop as the screen, and work on the separate keyboard and mouse – so essentially turn your laptop into a desktop.

By using the screen at the right height it will drastically improve your working posture.

Essential kit bag:

If you are travelling a lot:

  • Get an ergonomic laptop stand that you can take with you.
  • Look for a lightweight portable version that won’t add much weight to your laptop bag.
  • Two recommendations:

If you are based mainly in one place:

Consider a sturdier option, such as the Jellyfish laptop stand. Normally the sturdier options get the screen higher, so particularly good if you are tall.

Top tip: Take your laptop into a shop when you are trying them out. Make sure that when the laptop is on the stand that your screen is at the right height for you.

Just remember if you are going to use a laptop stand (and you should) then you need a separate keyboard and mouse.

Alternatively start a campaign to improve laptop ergonomics, as manufacturers really need to wake up and realise that they are crippling a generation.

Jo Blood: expert in workstation ergonomics and co-founder of Posture People

Image by Homies In Heaven

More information:

The Cricket stand is very small when folded up, perfect for keeping in your laptop bag. See it in action here: