Freelancing job update: Mobile explodes, SEOs panicking

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The latest set of freelancing industry figures has just been released by outsourcing mega-site The site, which allows employers to post jobs and freelancers to bid for them, tracks industry fluctuations on a quarterly basis to give a broad overview of the employment landscape for freelancers of all trades.

This quarter’s results make for interesting – if somewhat predictable – reading.

The headline stat is that iOS app development has surged to once again take the lead from Android. Google’s mobile OS had been growing apace, however Apple’s mobile platform has accelerated its growth even further. iPhone app development was up almost a third (30%), while iPad-specific jobs grew 26%. Android is still seeing healthy growth though, with demand for apps up 20% since the previous quarter.

The Internet Marketing sector continued to suffer the fallout from Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, which relegated many of their “low quality” methods to the scraphead. SEO, link building and article rewriting jobs were all down between 7% and 9.5%.

Elsewhere open web standards continued to grow healthily, driven primarily by the need for mobile websites to service emerging economies. HTML5 and jQuery grew 20% and 17% respectively, while User Interface gigs shot up a massive 42%. These increases were at the cost of ageing Microsoft technologies – .NET positions collapsed by 39%, and ASP jobs also sunk 13%.

This quarter’s results continues the theme established in previous quarters – a move towards open standards and mobile, to the detriment of older, proprietary standards.’s Chief Executive Matt Barrie commented on the findings:

“Two clear trends are evident: firstly, user activity is moving to mobile devices and the trend won’t be reversing any time soon as the other 5 billion people on this planet join the Internet, primarily through mobile. Secondly, the Internet is becoming more interactive, and the technologies that are winning and will continue to win are open standards like HTML5 and jQuery.”

Photo by Blake Patterson