Interview: Jennifer Trew, social media coach

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What made you start your own business?

Long story short – I recently moved to England from Canada, but still have strong ties there. For this reason, I am required to be back and forth A LOT! In order to make this work, I had to quit my job and start my own company. I have now been working as a freelance social media coach for 2 years.

How long did it take you to establish yourself/the business?

It’s still a work in progress. I am new to the country, relatively new to my field and entrepreneurship! Word is spreading now and I am growing almost solely through word of mouth!

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to start out in business or looking to grow an existing business?

Don’t expect to put up a Facebook page and Twitter account and suddenly get business! Social media takes hard work and commitment over a long period of time. Understand your market, where your clients and competition are and focus there first in an effort to find leads. Keep social media in perspective and don’t spend hours a day on your platforms and neglect other parts of your business!

How has it been juggling your work with your personal life?

Well I have the added complexity of travelling back and forth to Canada, so it has been difficult – I won’t deny it. But I believe that anything worth having takes hard work and tenacity and I honestly would never go back to working for someone else!

What does your typical work day look like?

It varies, depending on what is going on in my personal life… I usually work on my clients’ social media first thing in the morning, run errands, take a jog or client meetings/training in the afternoon and finish in the evening checking social media again and catching up on emails. I haven’t figured out a way to get the house cleaned during that time yet though!

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Juggling my work load with everything else that comes with running my own business! When you work for someone else – you go in, do your job and go home! When you freelance, you have to wear many hats (strategy, marketing, accounts, your daily work, etc.) as well as finding and attracting new clients!

Also I have the additional complexity of travelling back and forth to Canada, and running an international business! Also, the change in income has been a big shock! I came from a very well paid high-profile position, to starting from scratch in a new country, knowing only 1 person. It’s so much more satisfying though!

What are the perks that come with your job?

Setting my own schedule, being able to go to appointments and spend more time with my family – on my own terms. It’s also nice as I am able to control my own environment! If I mess up, I only have myself to blame.

How do you tend to find new business?

Networking! I run my own networking group in Shoreham, The Mumpreneurs Networking Club. Being a Manager has really raised my business profile and I am so inspired by the women I have met – a lot of whom have become very close friends. Social Media is great for leads, but to close the deal, it needs to come full circle and you need to meet face to face.

What advice would you give to aspiring freelancers?

Do NOT undervalue what you do! It is a fact that the lowest paying clients are the highest maintenance! Also, if you are undervaluing yourself – your potential clients will too. Do your research and get your pricing right the first time!

How can our readers find out more about your business?

My website is


Twitter: @socialholycow