A perennial problem for the UK freelancer is finding jobs online. There are a million jobs boards out there, however most of them are US-centric, and UK freelancers can lose out be being paid in puny US Dollars. There are a few good national UK jobs boards out there, and literally hundreds of local boards. The advantage of finding local jobs is, of course, the personal relationship you can form with clients, which can lead to better rates and ongoing work.

Every seasoned freelancer knows to fill up your calendar effectively you have to use a combination of resources to search out new clients. By using these resources in unison you’re far more likely to find some kickass new contracts.

Our favourite portals for job finding freelance jobs in the UK are -

Wired Sussex

Although fairly local to the South-East, Wired Sussex have been around for donkeys years and have established themselves as the de facto media jobs portal for people in the region. Recently having hit 2,000 members, Wired Sussex continues to be a fantastic destination for full-time and freelance jobs alike.

Freelance Students

Fresh out of University? Looking for an internship or entry-level job to boost your portfolio? This is the place to look. Featuring jobs from across the country (although mostly in London, naturally), Freelance Students has positions across a range of industries and disciplines for the aspiring freelancer

People Per Hour

Although this is one of those “bidding” style sites, People Per Hour is one of the few UK-based operations, so it doesn’t have the problem of a dollar-based system. The site is fairly location-agnostic, the vast majority of the work being remote, cloud-based stuff. There are a lot of listings, so you’ll have to dig to find the good stuff.

Job Rapido

Most of the work you’ll find here is on-location stuff, but luckily you can search by location (and specific distance from a location). Job Rapido indexes all kinds of work, so make sure your search includes “freelance”, but is one of the few job aggregation services that is simple, logical, and not too littered with advertising.

Brand Republic

Again, remember to search for “freelance” (or tick the “Freelance” and/or “Contract” button at the bottom of the form) to get relevant jobs, but there’s some good stuff on here if you look hard. Luckily, Brand Republic also has one of the best search filters of any jobs board; you can filter by sector, discipline, pay level, location, salary expectations etc.

Guardian Jobs

Using the “Advanced Search” function you can specify contract / short-term jobs, and with over 6,000 completely up-to-date jobs listed, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that takes your fancy.

Know of any other great resources? Let us know in the comments.

Photo by Andrew LeydenCC