Go Freelance - 2011 Edition


The ultimate guide to going freelance (our most popular feature since we began publishing in 2008) is now even bigger and better. The new and improved 2011 edition comes with 32 packed pages of advice for anyone who freelances or who is considering making a move to freelancing.

The Ultimate Getting Started Guide for UK Freelancers and Contractors

From making the leap to bookkeeping, accounts, organisation and productivity this is the best collection of advice and links for new and experiences UK freelancers and contractors. Learn some simple, yet effective techniques for finding work, chasing debts, getting paid on time and how to motivate and market yourself.

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“Great advice. Nice to see a freelance guide from the UK point of view” – Mark B

“EVERYTHING you need to know about going Freelance, this is really great!!” – Kelly H

  • http://twitter.com/darrenfell darrenfell

    This e-book on freelancing was good before, this updated version is truly fantastic. Should be fantastically useful for freelancers out there. Good work Leif!

  • Steve Hearsum

    This is excellent – I may have made the jump a while ago, but had I had access to this type of content, may have smoothed the way a touch.

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  • http://www.contracteye.co.uk Bryan Jackson

    Freelance Adviser gang – there seem to be quite a few spammers on these posts – not sure what “laptop batteries” have to do with freelancing… but then again, perhaps I'm old fashioned :-)

  • K. Zettiness

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    I am now trying to build up my career as a freelancer. So, I think this will be very much important and useful for me to find my destination in a easy and effective way. I will surely download this.

  • http://www.freelanceadvisor.co.uk FreelanceAdvisor

    Enjoy the guide… I hope it's useful.

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    I heard so many things about this e book and now I’m gonna try it for myself, freelancing had given me opportunity to work at home wherein I can supervise my kids at the same time working.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amit-Kumar/1724938337 Amit Kumar

    Certainly can, I’m flattered. I’ll be away in Amsterdam for the Spark conference next few days, but let me know if you need any help.

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  • zoeombler

    Hi, I wonder if you can offer me some advice?  I have spent the last couple of years working as a freelance sailing instructor for a number of different sailing companies.  Most of those companies have been happy for me to invoice them for the instruction and skippering work I’ve carried out, with one exception – this particular company has always insisted that they pay me through their PAYE scheme as they insist they are not allowed to invoice skippers as they have previously got into trouble over this with HMRC.  I have had an accountant whilst being self-employed and have paid NI and tax on my invoiced work as required as a self-employed individual, however I’ve also had to pay additional tax and NI on any work carried out for this company much to my annoyance.  I have recently started working for this same company on a full-time permanently employed basis and am now responsible for trying to find other skippers and instructors to work for us.  The problem I repeatedly come up against is that freelance skippers do not want to have to be paid through PAYE as they don’t get paid much to start with and then lose most of what they do earn to tax – even if they can claim it back at the end of the year that’s usually not much use to them as the nature of the work is highly seasonal and they need every penny they can lay their hands on when they actually earn it and not a year or so later!
    I think my employer is mistaken and that as long as it is clear that we are not the only employer of our freelance instructors and skippers and do not employ their services for 13 consecutive weeks or longer that we should be ok to pay them by invoice.
    What are your thoughts? (and sorry for the lengthy message!)
    Best regards

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