Crunch Accounting says thank you

Guest Post

Many regular readers will already know that Freelance Advisor is supported directly by the fine folks at Crunch Accounting, but most of you will have noticed their banners around the site. Freelance Advisor and the accountants at Crunch go back a long way. In fact Crunch MD, Darren Fell, set the site up himself in 2008 after he became a freelancer and entrepreneur. Since then Freelancer Advisor has produced over 1,200 advice articles to the Freelance community, and the community has flourished around this.

Thank you

So this post is a great big thank you from the team at Crunch to everybody who reads, comments, and contributes. The success of the site, the surveys you’ve filled out and the significant number of you who have signed up to Crunch have helped the business in innumerable ways.

Crunch accounting
In just a few short years Crunch has gone from strength to strength with over 6000 people now enjoying the ease of online accounting through the brilliantly designed Crunch app. The app even went free earlier in the year in April, and became the first accountancy solution in the UK to be fully accessible without payment. Along with that milestone Crunch also released a mobile app called Snap that integrates with the app and allows you to simply take a photo of any expense receipt and it’ll be uploaded automatically into your Crunch account, goodbye shoebox.

And all this is possible because of the strong community that has sprung up around Crunch, Freelance Advisor being the largest and most active. Alongside Crunch and Freelance Advisor another community site popped up, GoLimited. In its own small way it replicated Crunch’s disruption of the accountancy business and shook up the company formations business with its extremely cheap formations. At £4.50, and £1 for Freelance Advisor readers (code: FLA), it has knocked the air out of competitors who can only match that price by offering bank accounts and other 3rd-party tie-ins, immediately passing your information on to the banks. Since it started GoLimited has now saved freelancers and small businesses over £10,000 across more than 1000 incorporations, and it’s barely a year old!

So from everyone at Crunch; thank you for your involvement and support, and here’s to many more years of the best Freelance Advice site around.

And as part of that thank you we now have a permanent page that you can find in the site’s footer and sidebar, showing Crunch’s gratitude. Any and all offers to readers will be handily listed on the page for quick reference.

Photo by cessemi