Why I developed a job site for developers

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We’ve already seen plenty of alternatives to recruitment agencies. In this post, freelance developer Rosario Rascuna explains why, frustrated by agencies slowing him down, he developed his very own jobs board.

Being a freelancer, searching for a job often feels remarkably similar to a treasure hunt. If I’m lucky enough to spot a good opportunity, it’s often obfuscated by a recruitment agency. Seeing an agency listing a vacancy usually starts me wondering: “What company could it be?”, “What do they do?” and more often than not, “Is it even a real vacancy, or just the recruiter fishing for CVs?”.

Agencies usually condense job adverts in a list of keywords and requirements. A job description would be: “We are looking for a [Ninja/Guru/Rockstar/Airbender] doing [X]“, but very little else about the company or the actual job. For a freelancer who values the quality of their coworkers and work environment, this can make applying tricky.

The next step, inevitably, is to use Google to reverse engineer the job description and discover the company behind the vacancy. Often I’d spend a considerable amount of time figuring out the name of the company hiring for that position, only to discover I am not particularly interested in working for them once I know who they are.

Fed up with this process, I decided to sit down and develop a nonsense-free alternative that cuts out the time-wasting middleman.

The idea is straightforward: To provide a job list that links directly to company’s career pages. As a developer I prefer to submit my application directly to a company, without intermediaries. After some development time I released the first version of Roundabout.io in July.

Another reason for rethinking the traditional job board was to improve on the oft-neglected search functionality. I wanted a solution that goes beyond simply tagging a job description with keywords. I wanted the search to be powerful enough to understand queries like “list all the JavaScript roles without any PHP”. Roundabout is currently the only tech jobs list offering this option!

What started as a simple job board for London startups is now gradually collecting most of the tech jobs in the area, with Brighton next on the list of locations to be added.

The site is still very much under development, and there’s still plenty of work to be done before I’m happy with the result. If you’d like to say a word or two, feedback and constructive criticism are very welcome, reach out at hello@roundabout.io.

  • just saying

    You have to love it, when someone takes such a simple and effective idea, and makes it successful. You also have to love it, when we do away with the middle men.

  • http://onemanbandaccounting.co.uk/ Rosie Slosek

    This is a really good idea. It’s about time the recruiters needed to up their game. They aren’t doing their job properly padding out job boards and posting such sparse details.

  • http://twitter.com/My_sexist_boss Julie Anonymous

    love the site, roll it out in Manchester please!

  • DC

    Dont want to sound negative here but what about agencies who are frustrated with devs? They dont have the best track record & far from being ‘holier than thou’.

    • http://twitter.com/Jn_Norris Jon Norris

      What about them? They’re free to build job sites too.