Compliments a precious commodity in the UK workplace

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Please and Thank You appear to be going out of fashion in the modern workplace, at least according to a recent survey of over 2,000 workers which revealed that nearly half haven’t received a ‘thanks’ from their boss in over a year, with a further quarter yet to receive any thanks at all.

The findings come from Stationery suppliers Avery and paint a picture of a UK workforce overflowing with bad bosses, and employees across the nation facing a dearth of appreciation. Around half of those asked felt that they didn’t receive ‘proper credit’ for their work, with another 47% suggesting that they were paid a ‘fair wage for their efforts’ but that their boss simply doesn’t show them the appreciation they deserve.

Cue more violins, as a further 60% went on to state that they do not feel appreciated by their boss at all, with a third completely giving up on the prospect of a thank you as it’s been so long. In addition, even when a quarter of the ungrateful beggars received a ‘thank you’ they felt it wasn’t sincerely meant.

Makes you glad to be freelance, huh?

Photo by Waldo Jaquith