TransferWise launches GetPaid for painless international client payments

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Doing work for clients abroad is great fun – you get to broaden your portfolio, meet interesting people, and sometimes travel to exotic locations. However getting paid by foreign clients is a perennial headache. Banks are a total ripoff, PayPal isn’t much better, and there’s always the awkward conversation about who should pay the transfer fees. More often than not that burden ends up with the freelancer, meaning you could lose as much as a few hundred quid on a big contract.

We’ve long been fans of tech startup TransferWise at Freelance Advisor HQ, and having set the world of currency transfer to rights with their cunning peer-to-peer model, they’re now turning their hands to freelancer-client payments with their new service, GetPaid.

Built on the same tech as their currency transfer system, GetPaid promises not only mid-market exchange rates (as opposed to the shoddy consumer rates offered at banks and old-school currency conversion services), but also zero fees for receiving payment, meaning us cash-strapped freelancers will never again have to foot the bill for getting paid from abroad. As all payments are made in local currency, there will be no conversion fees for your client either. Winner!

To use GetPaid, you simply tell TransferWise where you would like the money to end up (i.e. your bank account) and the service will generate a unique link you can send to your client or add to your invoice. Simple, painless, and beneficial for everyone!

To give GetPaid a try, get clicking.