Mileage expenses – a godsend for travelling freelancers and contractors everywhere!

There were no changes to the mileage allowance for the new financial year (2012 / 2013), so if you’re using our existing spreadsheet (kindly provided by our parent company Crunch) you can just change the dates and carry on as normal. If you need a new mileage expenses spreadsheet, you can download the 2012 / 2013 spreadsheet here (.xls format).

As a reminder, the mileage allowances remain at:

Cars and Vans

  • First 10,000 business miles: 45p per mile
  • Over 10,000 business miles: 25p per mile


  • 24p per mile regardless of mileage


  • 20p per mile regardless of mileage

Happy travels!

Photo by Nico Kaiser