Self Assessment Reminder: Last day to register for a UTR!

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Yes, we know it’s almost Christmas and you have better things to do, but this is important! If this coming January will be your first time filing a Self Assessment tax return, tomorrow is the last day you can apply for a Unique Taxpayer Reference number (or UTR) and receive it in time to file on January 31st!

Because HMRC are lovers of physical post, upon registering you must wait for your UTR to be delivered by the postman, and once you have it you must set up an HMRC Online Service account, which also involves the posting of a PIN number. A month to get an online service set up, you say? Don’t forget, this is HMRC we’re dealing with!

Do I have to file a Self Assessment?

The deadline approaching in January is for the tax year 2011-12, meaning if you were trading as a freelancer between April 2011 and April 2012 you must file!

How do I get a UTR?

HMRC will send you a UTR when you register for Self Assessment. You can do this online or by phone.

Only first-timers

Remember, if you’ve filed a Self Assessment before you can use the same UTR as last time – provided you haven’t had a period where you haven’t submitted a Self Assessment in the meantime. So if you’ve been full-time for a while and recently returned to freelancing, you’ll need a new one.

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  • Rum

    What is the deadline for April 2013 self assessment (I know a silly question)

    • FreelanceAdvisor

      Hi Rum,

      There are two deadlines for Self Assessment – end of October for paper submissions and end of January for online submissions.