The end of recruitment as we know it?

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Are the days of submitting CVs to agencies via the traditional method of email now long gone?

LinkedIn has revealed plans to allow users to use a more streamlined process for applying for jobs from recruiter websites by converting profiles into instant CVs.

Set to be launched by LinkedIn very soon, the new plug-in for company websites could potentially allow freelancers and contractors to apply for advertised positions in one click and in doing so will simplify the application process.

The plans will also make life easier for recruiters as applications will arrive with them in an identical format making them easier to process and with an option to instantly request further information from applicants. This could be bad news for creative freelancers, however, who rely on the visual flair of their CVs to put them ahead of the competition.

This is an important step for LinkedIn as the jobs market is significant to their turnover, with over 40% of their annual revenue coming in from recruitment-related sources, such as their job board.

More and more contractors are turning to LinkedIn to keep in touch with colleagues and a recent PCG poll revealed that 43% of their members classed the LinkedIn site as a vital tool.

Whether the LinkedIn CV solution will be a success only time will tell, however it is clear that LinkedIn is proving to be an invaluable resource to contractors who realise that networking is an essential activity, as many contract roles are often filled before details even hit the job boards.


  • Julie Anonymous

    Seems a little impersonal, no?

    Also – does it include the option for a covering letter?

    • Jon Norris

      I believe recruiters can add custom fields, one of which can be a covering letter if they so desire.

  • Longhairedsi

    As a recruiter I would much prefer to see a personal blog/website than a paper CV or a very impersonal “pre-formatted” CV that linkedin are suggesting. Anyone with even a little bit of computer skill should be able to pull this off for free.

    However, as a recent job seeker I found many recruiters did not take kindly to this approach….