Circles - by Rich RenomeronWhat would freelance sustainability look like? How can you take your personal business and brand beyond the bottom line into an ethical and sustainable business? We talk to Carl Jeffrey, creative midwife and joiner of dots at FellowCreative and Paul Anderson, Environmental Strategy Consultant at Sustaina.

The Sustainable Freelancer

  • What do we mean by sustainability?
  • Corporate responsibility.
  • Going beyond environmental sustainability.
  • What about social sustainability and financial sustainability?
  • Holistic approach for Freelancers. Going beyond the bottom line.
  • What’s the difference between “Corporate Social Responsibility” and “Sustainability”.
  • How social sustainability can lead us to become a “sustainable citizen”.
  • Sharing knowledge and best-practices to educate and sustain good ideas.
  • Inspiring others with events and groups, like Tuttle.
  • Getting started: Assessing your impact. Environmentally, socially and financially.
  • It’s not just about ISO 4001. Or just about money. Or just about education.
  • Financial, Environmental, Social bank accounts.
  • Adding to your own personal values and portfolio, via social responsibility and education.
  • Sustainable Widget Prototype
  • Acorn – BS8555.
  • You are not your job title. You are definite by what you DO, not what you put out in a CSR press release.
  • Use social media to report on what you’re really doing… go beyond greenwash and spin.
  • Collaboration and competitors. Learning from not clashing with competitors. Building knowledge and skillsets.
  • Digital Legacy and ethics –

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