Quick, easy limited company formation from GoLimited


One of the things we always strive to do at Freelance Advisor (and our parent company Crunch) is make life easier for the UK’s millions freelancers and contractors. We’ve published thousands of articles offering advice and tips on surviving self-employment, and we’ve just about perfected online accounting.

One common stumbling block we’ve encountered is incorporating. Many of the large limited company formation agents out there are far from transparent about what you’re actually getting when you form your company through them, and many subsidise their prices with extras like a company bank account, which you may not need. Worse, you may have to retrospectively opt-out of these extras, and pay for the privilege!

There was a real need for an easy, transparent incorporation service that just “does what it says on the tin” – so we built one!

Enter GoLimited

GoLimited offers one thing, and one thing only – limited companies at cost price, with no silly upsell and no frills. You give us your information, we’ll send it to Companies House, and we’ll email you your incorporation documents once your company is formed. Easy.

If you’re thinking about going limited, we think you’ll love it!

Form your company with GoLimited

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