Freelancers weekly digest w/e 13th July

Weekly Digest

We missed out the weekly digest last week, and it was entirely my fault – I was on holiday. To make up for it we have something of a bumper edition this week, chock full of interesting links to make your Friday just that little bit more bearable.

The bandwidth of a 747

An interesting read on how a Boeing 747 flying from London to San Francisco compares to a 100Mbps internet connection. Fairly academic stuff for those well-versed in the web, but an interesting thing to ponder nonetheless.

Good times with self-assessments

Some wise words from Contractor Weekly on how your self-assessment may impact your IR35 status. Yes, it’s almost self-assessment time again.

Some nice pictures

Buzzfeed seem to have cornered the market on easily-digestible, totally-mindless picture-driven content, and this collection in particular somewhat thawed our cold, dead hearts.

Pretty (and useful) responsive testing site

Looking to test your fancy new responsive website across a bunch of different screen sizes? This site makes it a doddle, and is a lovely creation in itself!

Some stylish home offices

Food for thought if you’re thinking about doing up your home workspace.

Boris hates homeworking

Speaking about the possibility of more people working from home to avoid Olympic travel turmoil, Boris lays into working from home, essentially saying it’s a reason to slack off. Strange words coming from a man who perpetually appears to have just woken up.

IR35 cases that shook the world

Another great piece from Contractor Weekly charting the twists and turns of IR35 through some important ruling on the legislation.

Swanky HTML5 Invoice Template

A fully customisable invoice designed entirely in HTML5. Of course, we’re quite partial to our own invoice templates, but this is undeniably cool.

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Photo by Fiona Ridger