Freelancers weekly digest

Weekly Digest

We haven’t done a weekly digest for a while, so this week’s is a bumper edition featuring our favourite links from the last few weeks. Grab a coffee and fire up a bunch of new tabs – this could take a while.

Have a link other freelancers would enjoy? Pop it in the comments and we might just feature it next week.

Lessons from going profitable in under an hour

This enterprising fellow set up an online shop selling T-Shirts to help with the Hurrican Sandy relief effort, and saw demand mushroom in a big way. Some useful tips in here.

Some cool UI designs

Roundup of some of the nicest UI ideas from the last twelve months. Inspirational stuff.

Being a successful freelancer

Freelancer Paul Silver’s supremely interesting talk on his experiences freelancing so far, including some great analysis of his income so far, and where he finds new business.

Great Contact Us page, or greatest Contact Us page?

Just check it out. Seriously.

What your desk says about you

Take this with a pinch of salt, obviously.

Fun with Event Tracking

Event Tracking is a fantastically useful but rather under-utilised feature of the Google Analytics suite. Learn how to do it, and see some great examples, here.

Great “hire me” page

One of those things that makes you go “Awww I wish I’d thought of that!”

Business Cards of the rich and famous

Most are laughably outdated now, although this roundup of famous business cards is interesting nonetheless. On balance we think Einstein’s is our favourite; it’s just so classy.

Underwater cables map

Ever wanted a beautifully designed map of all the undersea data cables stretching around the world? Well, here you go!

You had one job

Excellent Friday fodder.

Photo by me