Freelancers weekly digest

Weekly Digest

Yesterday when I was finishing up work at around 5.30 I realised something excellent – the sun was still up! It looks as though this long, miserable winter may finally be drawing to an end, and we’ve got an interesting, beautiful and just plain fun bunch of links this week to help you wind down.

Put your feet up, enjoy, and be sure to have a relaxing weekend.

Excellent palette picker

Putting together a snazzy colour palette is an important part of any design process, and this site is just about the nicest way to do it we can think of. Superlative work.

Designing for the reading experience

Excellent lengthy piece in Smashing Mag on typography, specifically designing fonts for easy web readability.

How TypeKit adds new fonts

You might feel slightly guilty about using free web fonts once you realise the amount of work that goes into getting them ready for public use!

BLOKK font

One more font-based link for you – this blocky beauty provides a nice alternative to Lorem Ipsum when making mockups

Ever seen a “Cinemagraph”?

Interesting and pretty work from Nicholas Ritter – difficult to explain so just go take a look, OK?

A huge photo of London

Another viral hit from the past week – the world’s “biggest ever photograph” – a massive panorama taken from the top of the BT Tower in London.

Google have too much time on their hands

Another technical marvel from the House of Google. Sync your smartphone and use it to control a game on your computer, all through the Chrome browser.

Bomberman meets WoW

Ever wanted to play Bomberman against 1,000 other players simultaneously? Kiss the rest of your Friday goodbye.

Photo by Len Edgerly