Freelancers weekly digest

Weekly Digest

A busy fortnight on the Internet since our last digest (we don’t like to stick to the strict definition of the term “weekly”), and we’ve got plenty of lengthy reads for you along with the usual slew of nifty web apps and handy tools.

Pour yourself an extra mug of coffee and get your reading glasses on – and most importantly have an awesome weekend!

Online journalism fracas part one

If you’re a writer you most likely saw this – if you’re not it’s worth reading up on anyway. Writer Nate Thayler is propositioned by an Editor at The Atlantic, who wants him to re-write a piece he wrote for publication by them, for free. Thayler astutely points out he doesn’t work for free. The post went viral, and an inevitable backlash ensued.

Online journalism fracas part two

In what may well go down as one of the best ripostes of recent times, The Atlantic’s senior editor Alexis Madrigal explains why his staff did what they did, and how the changing economics of online publication forced them into it.

Online journalism fracas part three

Paul Carr, who himself is trying to fix the online journalism model with NSFWCORP, gives his verdict on the Thayler / Atlantic episode. Some interesting thoughts here.

The Kernel ends with a whimper

Elsewhere is online journo-land, promising tech publication The Kernel went bust with somewhere in the region of £20,000 in unpaid debts.

Who pays what?

An ambitious Tumblr attempting to document what different publications pay – nice resource if you’re not sure what to charge for your writing.

TV show floor plans

On a lighter note, this is one of those labour-of-love projects that’s just a joy to behold. Detailed architectural floorplans of houses from popular TV shows.

Get that coffee shop ambience

As we’ve previously noted, freelancers are often more productive in coffee shops. This handy app will let you recreate that Starbucks buzz in the comfort of your own home.

Exploring Amazon’s mega-dropdown

Interesting piece for usability fans – how Amazon makes its outwardly-cumbersome mega-menu work.

Share your screen

Screensharing taken to its logical extreme – this nifty app literally lets another user have their mouse cursor on your screen, and you can both go to work in a single environment.

Baggage tags of yesteryear

One for typography fans – airline tickets and baggage tags from the golden age of air travel. A retro treat from a time before metal detectors, sniffer dogs and anal cavity inspections.

Tame your tabs

If you’re one of those people who opens a bajillion tabs over the course of the day this extension is a life-saver. Condenses all open tabs into a one-tab list, allowing you to re-open them as and when you need them.

IR35 update

Last but by no means least, an in-depth IR35 update from AccountingWeb, covering what they’re expecting in next week’s Budget. A prudent read if you’re affected by IR35.

Photo by Julia S