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Weekly Digest

A busy week here at Freelance Advisor Headquarters. First the 2013 Budget was unveiled to a chorus of weary sighs, then Vince Cable went and snuck out his Strategy Document for the forthcoming Business Bank a day early! We were rewarded, though, with our highest daily traffic levels on record, so thanks everyone who came to us for Budget news!

All our Budget coverage, by the way, can be seen here. We’ll certainly be enjoying a glass of wine or two this evening, and encourage you to do the same. See you next week!

More lessons in credit control

After voicing her dissatisfaction with a late paying client on Twitter, transcribers Lesley Kemp was hit with a claim for Libel. Regardless of who did what wrong, this should make you think before mouthing off in public about a late payer!

Instant in-action app screenshots

Fantastically useful tool from the folks at Breezi. Simply upload a screenshot of your app and it’ll be inserted into loads of sexy soft-focus in-use photos. Mega-useful if you’re launching in a hurry with no time for photography.


This week marked the last BBC broadcast from the iconic Television Centre, where many a freelancer has plied their trade since 1960. A beautiful (if a little maudlin) series of photos to mark the closure of the ‘Dream Factory’.

I’m workin’ here!

It seems New York has a coworking problem – the practice has become so popular many freelancers and startup companies are finding spaces overcrowded and poorly maintained. Lets hope this doesn’t happen in Brighton!

Free desks here

Elsewhere in coworking land, a fantastic initiative that allows studios to list any open desks they have so freelancers can make use of them, gratis. Bravo!

Osborne guilty as charged

On Budget day I took part in the PCG’s “Trial” of George Osborne, who had been charged with ‘hiding behind a comfort blanket of austerity, stagnation and indecision.’ The verdict was never in doubt, really.

Freelance journo tips

Excellent advice from freelance writer and journalist Sarah Ditum, who has been plying her trade for five years now.

Beeb’s Budget calculator

As they do every year, the BBC has put together a handy calculator to work out if you’re better or worse off after this years’ Budget.

Photo by Moyen Brenn

  • Lesley Kemp

    Thanks for highlighting my plight. I feel we should all be allowed to make an honest comment on a public forum without being sued for it. If it’s okay to endorse and praise a company, it only seems fair that we ought to be able to criticise too. All the best, Lesley.

  • Lesley Kemp

    Very pleased to announce that I have won! The libel case brought against me by Kirby Kearns of Resolution Productions in Qatar has been dropped.