Freelancers weekly digest

Weekly Digest

A quick digest this Friday as we’re off to a conference, featuring some beautiful websites, a couple of heartwarming freelance stories and a mammoth rates guide.

The weather this weekend looks positively tropical, so drag that laptop out into the garden and get some precious Vitamin D while you can.

See you next week!

Past meets present

A nice photo series of historical events married with modern-day photographs.

Distance to Mars

“How far would it be to Mars if the Earth were 100 pixels wide?” – a common question, finally addressed by this lovely animated website.

Now I want these goggles

I’m no extreme sportsman, but after scrolling through this website I’ve suddenly got the urge to strap on a Snowboard. Hooray for parallax scrolling!

What if freelancers unionised?

Excellent NYTimes piece on a worker who, after finding out she’d be self-employed on a job that she thought was salaried, unionised!

Timelapses are so last week

Say hello to a “hyperlapse”, which is apparently a thing now. These clever people stitched together Street View imagery to create a panoramic, travelling video. Very pretty.

Huge guide to setting your rates

Excellent resource from the folks at Life Hacker. If you’re a newbie wondering how much to charge, this is a must-read!

Landing your first story

Nice story from Beyond the Margins of a persevering writer, and how they landed their first gig.

Photo by amysphere