Freelancer’s weekly digest w/e 11th May

Weekly Digest

Happy Friday one and all. Another week gone by, and another load of interesting content to help you segway listlessly into the weekend. Incidentally, if you spot something worthwhile that you’d like to see included in this now-regular feature, send us the link on Twitter.

How Google killed Inktomi

A salient tale from the web of yesteryear about how Google dismantled the incumbent search market leader in the space of just a few years. This is guaranteed to get you thinking about things like the “purity of your product”.

Milo Yiannopoulos goes nuclear on recruiters

We’re sure, like every freelancer, you have regular run-ins with recruitment firms. We all know they use dodgy tactics, but now The Kernel has caught one in the act and nailed it to the wall. Bravo, we say, bravo!

How to set your price

A tidy ten-point plan from Computer Arts on factors you should take into consideration when deciding on a price for a project. Skewed towards designer-types, but useful for all!

Some words on IE support

An excellent rant aimed at Mac-using web designers on proper browser testing. Our stand-out line?

“Seriously, if “no slick way” is a good reason not to test, you should be flipping burgers instead of developing. Your main job is development, not being a hipster.”

Calming Manatee

Client driving you mad? This should sort you out.

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