Freelancers weekly digest

Weekly Digest

A bumper crop of interesting links this week! Amazing we’ve been able to put anything together, given we’ve been so busy organising the Freelance Advisor / Crunch National Freelancers Day party (if you’re not registered yet, why not?!).

Anything you’d like to see included next week? Drop it in the comments or shout at us on Twitter.

Client feedback made beautiful

This has been getting a lot of attention in the last week – a bunch of Irish designers have turned their favourite client feedback into a series of awesome posters to raise money for charity.

Big data for big wins

A great piece from Time magazine on how the Obama campaign employed some fancy data crunching techniques in the US Presidential elections.

It goes up to 11

Another beautiful web plaything from the House of Google.

SEO spam analysed

The Freelance Advisor inbox is a harrowing place for those of us who dislike SEO spam emails. I ran some analysis on the emails we get to see how SEO techniques are changing.

Skeus me?

Some great (and embarassing) examples of skeuomorphic design.

Superior procrastination

One of the best time-wasting websites we’ve come across in a while.

Avoid commuter hell

Here’s an interesting twist on property search – tell this site where you work and it will find property for sale based on commuting times.

Lanyrd’s big move

A nice techie piece from social conference directory Lanyrd on how they moved their entire technical infrastructure to a new setup in one day.

Big Dropbox stats

Freelancer fave Dropbox now claims to have 100 million users, with 1 billion files saved every day! Phew!

And lastly…

Photo by Dave Fayram