Freelancers weekly digest

Weekly Digest

Have anything nice planned for the weekend? Here at Freelance Advisor Towers we’re planning to make a start on our Christmas shopping, turn the heating up a few notches to combat the sudden onset of chilly weather, and of course we’re going to re-read our fantastic Self Assessment guide because, well, it’s great (and you’ll need it come January – don’t tell us you won’t!).

Whatever your plans make sure to enjoy your weekend – but first, enjoy these lovingly selected nuggets of interesting reading.

Leading with data

An interesting examination of how the laughably-inept Fox News uses inaccurate data representation on-air in order to lead their viewers.

Make it so

How a scientist is planning to build the first warp drive. Obviously ludicrous but an interesting read nonetheless.

Top pitching tips

Five startup founders who have raised millions in funding over the last year share their tips for a successful pitch.

Digital rates benchmarking

Interesting data on average day rates from Cogs, a top Digital recruiter in London.


Here’s a nice blend of form and function – a style guide for written content presented on a rather beautiful website. Excellent work.

Press wires and content spamming

You may have caught the snafu in the tech world earlier this week when a fake press release resulted in a clutch of equally-fake news stories designed to inflate stock prices so some traders somewhere could make a quick buck. On the back of that controversy search and spam guru Danny Sullivan explains why automated press wires are terrible for the search engines of the world.

The birth of BBC News Online

Last but by no means least, a lengthy and gripping read from tech maestro Andrew Orlowski at The Register on how the BBC’s now-ubiquitous news website came into being.

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