Freelancers weekly digest

Weekly Digest

Between “Mega Monday”, the Leveson Report and the Autumn Statement, this week has turned out to be a little on the hectic side – here’s us hoping we’d be perpetually under a plaid blanket, sipping mulled wine and waiting for Christmas by now!

Hopefully some of you, at least, have found time to wind down a little as the festive season takes hold. If not, do try won’t you?

My small business website was hacked

A tale of woe from SmallBizDaily, detailing how their website was hacked. A pertinent read for anyone operating online these days.

Let the top ten lists begin

eConsultancy runs down the ten best social media campaigns from the last twelve months. Coming soon: the top ten end-of-year top ten lists!

Legal dangers for bloggers

Some wise words on a few oft-misunderstood freelancing issues

Excellent rant

ReadWrite Editor Dan Lyons vents his spleen in style, lamenting the state of startup financing in Silicon Valley.

Not for vertigo sufferers

Excellent set of photos from a photographer who is, depending on your disposition, incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.

Social media image size cheat-sheet

Another post from eConsultancy (they’re doing some good stuff over there) that is remarkable if only for how thorough it is. If you’re creating imagery for your business social media presence, this is all you need.

Late payments questionnaire

Quick survey from Wired’s Olivia Solon on how, when and where any writers among you have suffered late payments.


Sums it up quite well.

For all the homeworkers

Give your home workspace that “bustling office” feel with this CD!

Photo by David Dennis