Freelancers weekly digest w/e 19th Oct

Weekly Digest

Hard to imagine that this time next week it’ll almost be Halloween, and only eight weeks until Christmas. Twenty twelve has flown by – all the more reason to take a breather this Friday afternoon and relax with some interesting reading. This week – anonymity, social networking, scammers, freelancing problems and a dash of finances to make sure things don’t get too exciting. Have a good weekend!


Gawker’s anonymity A-bomb

The exposé heard around the Internet. Gawker name and shame Reddit’s most prolific and offensive troll. The ensuing fallout has been just as interesting – if not more interesting – than the article itself. Reddit’s hamfisted “defending free speech by limiting it” approach particularly. This was really the web culture story of the last seven days.

Reputation scoring and other amusing distractions

Some thoughts on the problems with Klout, PeerIndex and other social indices from web thinker Antony Mayfield.

Facebook CTR barchart-ageddon

Facebook recently announced it wouldn’t be pricing its ads purely on clicks any more – this chart explains why quite tidily.

Cashflow forecasting for fun and profit

Never knocked up a cashflow forecast? You’ve never lived! Some sage thinking from FA founder Darren on how to responsibly predict your income

Trolling scammers

We’ve all had those “Hello I’m calling from Windows, your PC is infected with a virus!” phonecalls. Wired has collected some of the better efforts to take these dirty scammers for a ride and posted them for everyone’s entertainment.


These troublesome client stories will probably ring a few bells for most seasoned freelancers.

Photo by Annie Mole