Freelancers weekly digest w/e 24th August

Weekly Digest

What’s better than a weekend? Why, a three-day weekend of course! Hopefully your workload is Bank Holiday-compatible and you’re able to enjoy an extra day of lounging – if not, you have our comiserations.

A slightly tech-themed bunch of links this week for your reading pleasure. Pour yourself a coffee, open some new tabs and enjoy. See you on Tuesday!

How to stalk hipsters

A tidily-designed site offering a constantly-updating feed of Instagram activity from London. Other cities are available too – have a look around, it’s pretty interesting (if a slightly poor substitute for real photography).

Bring some iOS to your website

Want some iPhone-style sliding toggles for your website? This should do you just fine – lightweight jQuery on / off toggles!

Using fonts as not-fonts

Some interesting words from one of the designers at Brighton-based super-agency ClearLeft on how to use fonts as resolution-independent images for your website. Clever stuff, and an increasingly necessary skill in the Retina Display world.

Evil Genius

Mac-toting freelancers may want to give this one a read – confessions from a Genius Bar worker who variously stole, lied and abused his way through a less-than-illustrious career. And apparently he’s not alone!

The worst job in the world

Wonder who has to look at all the stuff Google censors? This guy. Harrowing stuff.

Wise words for PRs

Guardian Tech supremo Charles Arthur waxes lyrical on the difference between an “announcement” and a “story”, and why PRs should be careful not to confuse the two.

Broadband benchmarks

If you’re in the market for a new ISP this is a great resource. It also made me feel rather smug as my broadband is through Be.

Close encounters of the awesome kind

Don’t want to spoil anything about this, but just read it.

Photo by Thomas Leuthard