Freelancers weekly digest w/e 31st August

Weekly Digest

After a pleasantly short week it’s time to say “Hello!” to the weekend once again. Down here in Brighton we’ll be downing tools, donning our most brightly-coloured outfits and celebrating Pride, but hopefully even if you don’t have a technicolour extravaganza to attend you’ll find a way to enjoy what appears to be the last weekend of summer. Grab yourself a coffee and have a read!

Freemium a mug’s game?

Food for thought for app developers or SaaS providers. Does freemium generate adequate returns, or is it simply a way to accumulate millions of freeloading users?


Fancy a meal out but stuck for ideas? This beautifully simple and amusingly coarse website can make the decision for you.

Crap assumptions about freelancing

We crow about the wonders of freelancing endlessly (what do you expect us to do?), but it’s nice to have reality kick you in the groin now and again. This post will do just that.

Unclutter your GMail

A great little hack from former FA Editor Michael that removes everything you don’t (or shouldn’t) need to see in GMail, to create a keyboard shortcut-powered, minimalist emailing zen.

Review websites sans scruples

Freelance game devs take note – Appy Nation is in the process of assembling a list of sites who charge for app reviews. A sordid practice and one they rightly are looking to stamp out.

Champions of procrastination

Entertaining tales from BBC readers of the lengths they’ve gone to avoid work.


Another week, another “cool independent firm gets ripped off by large corporate” tale of woe. This time it’s London-based Asylum films, whose ad for the Ronald McDonald House Charity was ripped off lock, stock and barrel.

Making Rio 2016

We’ll end on a positive this week, with the tale of a small Brazilian design studio who set out to create the logo for the Rio 2016 games.

Photo by Cea