Freelancer’s weekly digest w/e 4th May

Weekly Digest

We’ve been drowning in great and useful content this week, so we thought we’d share some of the best reads with you guys. Who knows, we might even turn this into a regular feature?

What Graham Charlton has learned writing 2,000 blog posts for eConsultancy

Twenty oft-mentioned but nonetheless-valuable blogging tips from one of the head honchos at eConsultancy. If you blog in any serious measure, you’ll most likely know a lot of these already, but it’s always nice to have a refresher.

Freelancer lays into leaked IR35 business test questions

The IR35 Business Test looks as though it’s going to be as much of a mess as IR35 itself at this point. A supposed leak of several questions included on the test appeared earlier this week, causing much consternation amongst the freelancer and contractor community. The full test is rumoured to be appearing on HMRC’s website early next week – we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.

Throw insults like the Bard

We had a bit of fun earlier in the week with this Shakespearian Insult Generator. The only question is, why hasn’t anyone made it into an app yet? Go give it a try, you logger-headed elf-skinned fustilarians!

Ten tips for the journalists of tomorrow

Following a live chat on the Guardian’s new Media Network (which I’d highly recommend you join, if you’re interested in that kind of thing), the contributors knocked up a list of things journalists can do to future-proof themselves. Amusing to see that even old-school journos lament the terrible battery life of modern gadgets.

Sage continues to plug holes in their online strategy

Financial Times piece, so registration required. Interesting read for anyone using cloud accounting software who wants to see exactly how badly Sage are losing this race.

Civil Servants avoiding tax like there’s no tomorrow

IR35 got you down? Join the civil service – apparently the rules don’t apply to them! A full report from Exaro (again, registration required) on the ludicrous extent of tax avoidance in Whitehall (our coverage here).

Worlds Longest Invoice

An awesome exercise in crowd-sourced passive aggression. Have an overdue invoice? Go add it to the list! At the time of writing the total stands at $16.2 million!

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